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Does it ever seem like you just can’t keep your eyes hydrated? Are they constantly drying out, even though you’re not outside? You may be experiencing dry eye, a painful medical condition. It occurs when your eyes either don’t produce enough tears or your tears evaporate too quickly. Dry eye doesn’t go away overnight either. It’s a chronic condition that, if left untreated, could have negative effects on your health. It falls into one of two categories.

Most people with this condition have evaporative dry eye, while others have aqueous deficient dry eye. Fortunately, both conditions are treatable. One possible cause is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, called MGD. Don’t suffer with dry eyes any longer. Instead, visit us today to see if treatment of dry eye is right for you.


Millions of people suffer from dry eyes. Sometimes the symptoms are noticeable, but not always. For instance, you may think your eye discomfort is the result of allergies or a small foreign object in your eye. However, if it is a persistent problem, you need to seek treatment. There are a variety of symptoms of dry eye, including:

• Discomfort
• Itching
• Burning
• Redness
• Discharge
• Sensitivity to Light

If you find yourself experiencing any of these, you need dry eye care. You don’t have to go through life with eyes that constantly bother you. No one enjoys stopping all the time to put eye drops in or constantly having itchiness. We provide personal attention for each patient in order to fully understand their situation. Our specialists know how much of a burden the condition can be. Stop by our offices and discover how we can restore your eyes’ health.

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Depending on the severity, there are many options for dry eye care. For contact wearers, our optometrists can adjust the number of hours you wear them or the brand. Another option is over-the-counter eye drops. Sometimes, these treatments aren’t enough. Some people still experience dryness or discomfort, even using artificial tears constantly. If this is the case, you might be suffering from Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, a condition where the glands in your eyes don’t produce the right amount of oil.


Do you find yourself rubbing your eyes on a regular basis? The itching and irritation can be unbearable. The good news is that dry eye is treatable. We offer the revolutionary LipiFlow™ dry eye treatment by TearScience™. Created by doctors and clinically proven, the procedure is easy and painless. It uses heat to massage the glands in your eye lids, while your eye itself is protected. After a short 12-minute treatment, you won’t believe how much better you will feel. Patients always comment on the instant relief they receive. No more itchiness or burning sensations. Our patients even say it’s like a massage for your eyes.

Contact our office today to find out how our dry eye treatment refreshes eyes.
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