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See Better with Our Eye Exams in Jacksonville, FL

Would you like to see things clearer? At St. Johns Eye Associates at Nocatee, we provide the personalized attention and comprehensive eye exams you need. Count on an optometrist to help you see 20/20 again. In addition to our experienced family eye doctor, the entire staff here is highly qualified and ready to address your vision needs. That includes everything from routine vision exams to fitting you with the hottest styles in eyeglass frames. Contact us today to schedule eye exams in Jacksonville, FL.

From routine and advanced eye examinations to laser vision correcting, we are your go-to eye clinic for everything vision! We fit you with contact lenses and glasses from well-known brands. See better, and look great by coming to our office.

Many patients today are looking for more from their eyewear. Our practice meets these needs by offering convenient appointments for a variety of eye care services. This includes accommodating your schedule by offering evening and weekend appointments.

In addition, with the latest treatment options and surgical techniques at our disposal, our optometrist is able to offer you the highest level of care. Our team focuses on providing you with an accurate diagnosis followed by the appropriate treatment for diabetic eye problems, glaucoma, and other conditions. Let us help you improve the health of your eyes.

What Happens During a Vision Exam?

Eye health problems are not always obvious. In fact, many eye problems can only be detected with advanced equipment. Don’t wait until they become apparent to the naked eye. Instead, allow our eye doctor to identify problems early. In addition to checking for conditions like glaucoma and macular degeneration, we dilate your eyes to assess their overall health.

During the vision exam, our optometrist evaluates your need for glasses along with how well your eyes focus, move, and work together. If you choose to wear contacts instead of glasses, then we perform a contact lens evaluation to determine the best type of lenses for your eyes, such gas-permeable lenses and disposable lenses.

According to the Vision Council of America, about 75% of people use some type of vision correction. Of those, approximately 30% are nearsighted (hyperopic) and 60% are farsighted (myopic). Regardless of your eye condition, we are experienced at helping customers with complicated prescriptions, such as high-minus, high-plus, astigmatism, prisms, and slab-off prisms. Whether you are nearsighted, farsighted, or you have astigmatism or presbyopia, you can trust our skilled optometrist to make your window to the world much clearer.

Woman with New Glasses in Ponte Vedra and Ponte Vedra Beach


It is important to make eye exams a part of your eye care routine. Regular appointments maintain healthy vision by detecting any problems before they progress. Our optometrist is able to address any symptoms you are experiencing to reduce further risk to your vision. At the same time, our staff strives to make your experience comfortable and straightforward. Throughout your visit with us, we explain each procedure and test. We are also committed to answering any questions you may have.

Excellent vision is within plain sight when you depend on us. We are committed to providing exceptional vision care services and developing lifelong relationships with our customers. So, we strive make our services affordable as well. 

Our practice accepts insurance plans from the following companies:
• Blue Cross Blue Shield
• Aetna
• MFB Financial
• VCP / Humana
• Medicare
• United Health Care
• Spectera
• EyeMed
• Cigna
• Tricare

Improve Your Vision and Your Appearance

Come to us to choose from a wide variety of eyewear designs, colors, and styles. You’ll find that we are more than happy to assist you with frame selection and provide the ideal lens design for your personality and lifestyle. Our optometry team offers a wide selection of brand-name frames that includes options for men, women, and children. We also stock a variety of plastic and titanium frames as well as eyewear from today's hottest designers, such as:
• Tiffany & Co™
• Blackfin™
• Lindberg™
• Marc Jacobs™
• Vera Bradley™
• Oliver Peoples™
• Article One™
• Oakley™
• Kate Spade™
• Ray-Ban™
Receive high-quality eye care from our dedicated staff. Whether you are in need of contact lenses or emergency eye care services, our family eye doctor is here to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Turn to us for better vision!
Contact us today to diagnose or manage your eye condition.
We proudly serve patients in Ponte Vedra, Ponte Vedra Beach, St. Augustine, Nocatee, and Jacksonville, Florida.