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Count on the optometrists of St. John's Eye Associates to provide the advanced astigmatism eye exams, services, and products you need to see clearly. Whether you need specially crafted reading glasses or toric lenses, our skilled and experienced optometrists use only state-of-the-art technology that will accurately correct your vision.

With decades of experience, our doctors have honed their talents to provide toric eyeglasses, toric contacts, and other lenses for astigmatisms. Whether you like the smart look of glasses or you would prefer vision correction with contacts, we can accommodate your needs with our services. After we perform astigmatism eye exams on our patients, we know exactly what kind of toric lenses that will best benefit their needs.

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Trust our optometrists for the toric eyeglasses to correct your astigmatism or cataract problems. Our experience in the field has equipped them to accurately improve your vision because they understand exactly how your eyes are shaped. Eyes with astigmatisms have oval-shaped corneas, which cause blurring and tilted vision. Toric eyeglasses are specially created to adjust the specific issues that oval corneas cause to a patient’s sight. We also have solutions for those with astigmatism who need reading glasses.


Thought you couldn’t wear contact lenses because you have astigmatism? Think again. Our toric contacts accommodate the special shape of your cornea, but look and feel just like regular soft contact lenses. A comfortable and discreet form of vision correction, toric contacts give you the option of performing your daily activities without having to worry about glasses getting in the way. From working out to gardening, you can do it all without the hassle of bulky frames.

 Nearly 100 percent of patients who choose toric lenses are able to see far-off distances with no glasses or contacts. Work with our team of experts to upgrade your quality of life and make your daily activities easier and more enjoyable. Let us help you you’re your concern about losing or breaking your glasses or continuing to have to maintain your contact lenses. You can be free of these encumbrances with our experienced assistance.


Don’t go without the eye exam you need just because your eyes are different from most. Trust us for thorough astigmatism eye exams. Most insurance companies cover the costs of an exam and eye dilation in full. Contact your insurance provider today to learn more about your coverage and what we can do for you. We’re happy to take an array of insurance plans to give you the toric contacts and glasses to perfect your vision. Rely on our expertise and advanced technology used during your eye exams to give you the improved eyesight you deserve.

St. John's Eye Associates provides an eye care experience like none other. Customer service is our highest priority. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive eye care services. We proudly serve Ponte Vedra, Ponte Vedra Beach, St. Augustine, Nocatee, and Jacksonville, FL.